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Benefits for Parents

Classroom Booster is a safe and secure one-way communication system designed specifically to benefit you and your child(ren). Classroom Booster provides you with what has been best described as a window into your child's classroom. Classroom Booster has been designed with parental input and is therefore extremely user-friendly. For your convenience, updates can be viewed on the Classroom Booster site and will come to you via email as well. By keeping informed of classroom activities and expectations, you will be better able to assist your child in achieving academic success. One of the features most favoured by parents is the "File Download" tool which allows school or classroom documents to be accessed electronically. Just think... no more digging crumpled notes out from the bottom of backpacks!

Classroom Booster takes pride in its ability to strengthen family relationships by empowering parents to have meaningful discussions with their children regarding their classroom activities and performance. Classroom Booster also enables you to see upcoming lessons and events. This will allow for enhanced engagement in your child's education and provide the opportunity for you to encourage a positive attitude toward learning.

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How Classroom Booster works for Parents

As a parent, we, at Optimal Learning™ encourage you to inform your child's school principal and/or classroom teacher to register for their FREE 30 day trial of Classroom Booster. Once your child's classroom teacher has registered for a teacher account, you will be asked to register for your parent account. Once you have completed this stage, you will be asked for your classroom code. The classroom code is supplied by your child's teacher upon his/her registration. Once received, enter the classroom code and your child's teacher will be notified of your request to connect with their classroom page. This ensures security and privacy. Upon completion, you will choose a password for your parent account along with a username and password combination for your child's account. Once accepted by your child's teacher, you will be immediately connected to your child's virtual and secure classroom! Please enjoy your window into your child's education! We recommend that parents register together with their child or children.

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