Improve Student Achievement!
Improve Student Achievement!

Classroom Booster provides a unique communication channel for parents, students, and teachers to work together and help every student achieve their fullest potential.

Teachers and parents who have utilized Classroom Booster have reported students display increases in...

✔ Self confidence
✔ Self-esteem
✔ Fostering a positive attitude toward learning!

Enhance communication between teachers and  parents!
Enhance communication between teachers and parents!

Classroom Booster excels in increasing the amount of effective communication from the classroom to the home.
Classroom Booster was created for schools that are determined to give every student in their school the best opportunity to reach their potential, and to benefit from maximum teacher, parent and student engagement.

It's a win-win situation for everyone!

100% Safe, Secure, and Private!
Designed and created by teachers,
for teachers!

Teachers are able to easily update homework assignments, customize your own classroom calendar, reinforce expectations, post visual learning aids and enjoy many other features, which integrate perfectly into your classroom's positive learning environment!

Parents experience “a window into their child's classroom!”
Parents experience “a window into their child's classroom!”

Classroom Booster has been designed with parental input and is extremely user-friendly. By keeping informed of classroom activities and expectations, you will be better able to assist your child in achieving academic success.

✔ Instant email updates for your convenience
✔ Easily download important school notices and forms
✔ View upcoming lessons and events
✔ Enhance your engagement in your child's education!

Our Mission

Promoting student and parent engagement to improve student outcomes!

Optimal learning takes place when both the home and school work in partnership.
Classroom Booster helps parents' discover how to reinforce school strategies for learning.
When parents are engaged in student learning, everyone benefits!

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Improve Student Achievement!
Tried, Tested and Loved

I have been using Classroom Booster for almost 5 months now in my Grade 8 class and I absolutely love it. It saves me so much time and keeps me organized throughout my weeks. But more than that, it allows me to clearly explain my expectations to both my students and their parents. Classroom Booster is any teacher's best friend and I have heard only good reactions from parents.
          8th Grade Teacher
Both of my children are in classes using Classroom Booster since the beginning of the school year. I like the fact that I receive email updates when the teacher updates the homework or daily summaries. It's also convenient that I can download and print off any permission forms as the teacher pleases, as my boys have a tendency to lose school forms.
          Parent of a 6th Grade Student
Classroom Booster is an excellent communication tool. It allows parents the opportunity to know exactly what is going on in my classroom with regards to homework, important dates, school events, etc. It is also an invaluable tool to keep parents informed.
          7th Grade Teacher
My child's teacher is using the Classroom Booster system right now and I love it! I love that I can easily see what my daughter did in class on a given day and her classroom calendar from anywhere.
          Parent of a 7th Grade Student

Increased and Updated Security

Safe, Secure, and Private!
Safe, Secure, and Private!

We have taken every precaution to ensure that your information is private and completely secure.
Our school and classroom code system ensures that other parties are unable to access your information.
Speed, ease of use, robust security and outstanding service and support are just some of the reasons why Classroom Booster in the right choice for your school and classroom.

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